Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FHM Malaysia Girl Next Door 2010

Who is your favourite girl to be the next Girl Next Door 2010?
I personally like Hui Jeat and Yvonne but Crytal Eve and Nisha looks hot too and maybe.. ok all of them looks absolutely gorgeous and my cross-wired mind is undecided!
The winner stands to be on the cover of March 2010 issue of FHM!! :)
What say you?

Yvonne Sim

Crystal Eve

Crystal Liew

Hui Jeat

Jesz Yap

Julia Moh

Katherine Ng

Lesley Yong

Michelle Lee

Nisha Kaur


Steffy Ng

Voluptious photos to feast your eyes!!

Tim, you lucky basterd! :)

Alright, before you guys slug it out to pick your favourite girl, and if your are a genuine man or even not-so-genuine guy (no offence gays), FHM needs you to tell them what it is about women that makes you go 'ooooh'. Go to FHM Facebook page and click on 'Discussions' tab, select the topic Women: the things that make you go 'oooh' and let them know... FHM is putting the results in December issue.

What type of man are you?

a) Chesticles every time, man

b) The longer the legs, the happier I am

c) Shake your booty, baby!

d) If she ain't pretty as a picture, I ain't lookin' at the rest

e) I like showtunes and moustachioed men. In leather

I know you guys are scrolling down to see what's my answer.. I am not telling you perverts and if you had really listen, my answer is supposingly to be found in FHM Facebook page!!

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